Improve Your

Energy for life

Prana Peggy uses her Energy for Life tools with a holistic  approach to help individuals work and live at their best. Offering Yoga, Mindfulness and Stress Management Instruction, in addition to corporate presentations that are focused on designing a healthier, more energized and abundant life personally and professionally.


My goal is to educate and empower others to find lifelong health and vitality, and to live an abundant life

Wellness Programs

Life places many demands on us. Sometimes it can seem difficult to cope, stay focused or to find the motivation to be active. We offer four unique ways to help you on your journey.

Mindfulness for Energy - Peggy
Corporate Yoga and Wellness

Corporate Programs

Taking Care of Mind and Body
is Taking Care of Business.TM

Through simple movement, mindfulness training, strategic breathing and stress management, learning these skills can promote overall better health and a happier individual.

Personal Growth

Are you ready for change?

Start right where you are. Learn stress management tools, attend grounding breaks and mindfulness sessions to help create calm.  Try some yoga or meditation. Tune down the sensory overload through these self-care offerings. 

Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery

Prana Peggy Nalevanko

“Prana” Peggy Nalevanko is a Wellness Educator specializing in holistic health and stress management, an Integrative Yoga Therapist and certified Health and Wellness Coach who teaches individuals and groups to perform and live at their best. She has a passion for teaching others to both relax and energize strategically to increase productivity and enhance health and well-being.

Prana has been a practitioner of yoga and teaching yoga for over 20 years with expertise in stress management and healing. In addition to yoga, stress management, nutrition, physical movement and breathwork, she incorporates a dynamic combination of the latest Mind/Body research and Energy Psychology.

Prana Peggy Nalevanko - Life Giving Yoga Training


Renew Your Energy

Through self-care, you can make significant improvements in your health and well-being in some of the toughest challenges of our times – chronic stress, sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, obesity, a pandemic, and the rising cost of healthcare.